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My name is Mary Elizabeth, I am 8 years old I am in the third grade, and I attend Make-a-Wish Elementary School. My best friends are Lily, Jason, and May, also Lily has a dog named Spark that we like to play with. My favorite food is ice cream, my favorite color is red,I love butterflies and dressing up like a princess. I also like dolls and I love to read. 


Would you like to read? My book tells my story learning to speak up for myself, especially when times are hard and bad things happen.  I was so scared and didn't want my mommy to get in trouble.  I hope my story can help other kids learn to speak up for themselves and avoid going through terrible things like I did. 

Mary Elizabeth Terrier

My name is Lily, I am 8 years old, I am in the third grade and I attend Make-a-Wish Elementary School. My best friends are Jason, Mary Elizabeth, and May. My favorite color is blue, my favorite foods are ice cream and cupcakes, I like playing with my friends and my little doggy Spark. I like to play jump rope, kickball and hopscotch.

Lily Labrador

Woof woof my name is Spark and I ruff to play with Lily, May, Mary and Jason. My favorite food is Beggin' Bacon Bacon Bacon, my favorite toy's are my rubber ball, my frisbee, and my bone. I like to take naps under a tree and sometimes in Lily's lap.


My name is Jason and I am 8 years old, I am in the third grade, and I attend Make-a-Wish Elementary School. My best friends are Mary Elizabeth, Lily and May. My favorite color is orange, and my favorite foods are ice cream and french fries. I like playing baseball and basketball and I also like playing with my best friends and Lily's dog Spark.

I love playing baseball, but for awhile I didn't like going to practice...  My story is also about how I learned to speak up for myself when bad things happen. I didn't know that Coach was lying to scare me. But my friend Mary helped me speak up for myself and now I'm safe and can play baseball again.

Jason Hound

My name is May I am 8 years old. I'm in the third grade, and I attend Make-a-Wish Elementary School. My best friends are Mary Elizabeth, Lily and Jason. My favorite foods are strawberries and blueberries and I enjoy playing with Lily's dog Spark. My favorite color is yellow I like dressing up horseback riding and modeling.

May Poodle

The My Name is ME Story

We have a vision of the future where all children grow up at their own pace with the freedom to dance in the rain and laugh the way only children can for as long as possible.


Unfortunately, that future is not yet here.  Our children are facing trauma and abuse and issues that we as adults are hardly ready to handle, let alone understanding or knowing how to talk to and protect our children from every situation.


In this series of children’s stories, My Name is ME hopes to shed light to the predators and problems lurking in the lives of our children.  We follow four young people through their struggles and ultimate victory by overcoming their fears and using their voice:


Mary Elizabeth is abused by someone in the family and afraid to speak up.

Jason is abused by his coach and doesn’t know how to speak and be heard.

Lily faces bullying at the hands of other children.

May parent's are getting divorced and she doesn't know how to navigate the situation .


These are not light hearted, books as the imagery would suggest.  They are based in real stories of real children who are suffering.  Our goal is to support you, the parent with the tools you need to talk to your children BEFORE they become prey to a predator.  Our goal is to support you the teacher to recognize when your children are hurting. Our goal is to support you the community to be voice that our children so desperately need, when you see something, say something. Our goal is to support you the legislator to create change from a higher level. Our goal is for our children to be SAFE.


My Name is ME is here to HEAR these young voices and BELIEVE them. We are here to be the VOICE for those who do not know or cannot speak for themselves.  We are here to SUPPORT those who have been neglected and abused and to EMPOWER those who are growing beyond what has happened to them.


Join us in changing the narrative so our children can grow up safe and empowered to stand up for themselves and others.


Book number two, Jason’s story, will be launching in the fall of 2019, to learn more and be the first to hear about upcoming book and resource launches, sign up for our newsletter below.


My Name is ME is working hard to be the change for our children, and we need your help!  Click “donate now” below to support our voices or check out the Get Involved page to find out where you can join us.

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