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We are an organization built around BELIEVING, VOICING, SUPPORTING and EMPOWERING the voices of those who have been- up until this point- voiceless.  The children who grew up too fast because of abuse and the women and children who are exploited through sex trafficking every day.


My Name is M.E. stands for My name is Mary Elizabeth.  Mary Elizabeth’s story can be found in the book My Private Space by founder Sabrina Kirkland.  The story was created to rewrite the ending to her own story of abuse. How she wished her story had ended rather than continuing through 8 years of trauma.  Now, she stands as an advocate for others, to protect as many as she can from suffering as she did as a young girl. She may not have had a voice then and yet now- 

Her voice WILL be heard. 

The voices of all those she stands for WILL be heard.


In this site, you will find resources for local and national aid, book information about other issues our children face, advocacy programs and trainings as well as upcoming events and how to book Sabrina and the team to speak to your organization.  


We thank you for being here and for adding your voice to the ME movement.  To donate now or find out how you can be a part of this message, we invite you to wander through the pages, pick up a book and TALK to your children, neighbors and communities.


We believe 

When you know your value, NO ONE can diminish your worth

Join us in empowering our children to always know their value and the value of others and to end child abuse and sex trafficking.


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events

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