About the Author

Meet Sabrina Kirkland

“As an author deeply committed to making a positive impact. My writings delve into crucial topics like child abuse, grief, emotional support, and teen challenges.”

Meet Sabrina, originally from Miami, Florida, before making Orlando her home in 2000. For an incredible decade, she served the community with unwavering dedication as an integral member of the Orlando Police Department (OPD). Sabrina assumed various roles within the OPD, from a skilled Teletype Operator to the trusted Executive Assistant for critical units like West Patrol, Property Theft, and Sex Crimes and Crimes Against Children. Additionally, she contributed her expertise as a valued Child Abduction Response Team (C.A.R.T) member.

In 2005, Sabrina’s path took a profound turn when she began her work with victims of human trafficking. It was in this role that she discovered her true calling and passion. As the chair of the sub-committee of the Florida Abolitionist, Sabrina collaborated closely with esteemed organizations such as the Department of Children and Families (DCF), The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The Department of Juvenile Justice, the FBI, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (N.C.M.E.C), along with State and Local Law Enforcement. Her dedication to addressing the issue of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking earned her certifications to train trainers, teachers, Law Enforcement, and DCF workers in Florida.

Driven by a profound commitment to combating sexual child abuse and human trafficking, Sabrina’s journey led her to the bustling city of Atlanta. Without hesitation, she initiated vital programs and established strong alliances with local officials and activists, channeling her energy into the fight against human trafficking and sexual child abuse. In 2012, Sabrina’s determination to empower others led her to establish her company, My Name is Me, LLC, with a resounding motto, “When you know your value, no one can diminish your worth.”

Sabrina penned her first book, “My Private Space, ” A testament to her courage and dedication,” a poignant narrative that tackles the sensitive topic of molestation and the strength to break the silence.

Beyond her literary achievements, Sabrina has emerged as an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and modern-day abolitionist. Her advocacy extends to crucial issues like human trafficking, bullying, the prevention of teen dating violence, and sexual child abuse. She remained committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. She founded the Seedlife Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to building life skill centers for homeless youth.

With an unyielding spirit and a heart full of compassion, Sabrina leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring and empowering others to join her in pursuing a better, safer future for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next book be released?

The follow up to Mary Elizabeth’s story will be released later in 2021 and will follow the story of a young boy’s experience with abuse. This has been long requested since the release of My Private Space to help parents talk to their young boys about this important and tough topic.

How do I talk to my kids about these books?

A workbook is in the works to accompany My Private Space and will provide parents with the tools they need to keep their kids safe and create a dialogue that allows their children to open up. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when this workbook is released.

What other books are planned?

Our children face many issues today including bullying, gun violence, dealing with divorce and abuse. Further books are being written to address these topics and more for our parents and children to be safe, prepared and know how to communicate with each other.