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Our Amazing Team

Our team is dedicated to eradicating the stain of human trafficking on our world while providing

Sabrina Kirkland

Sabrina Kirkland

Founder & CEO

Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore

Founder Oasis Productions / Oasis Speaks

“When you know your value, no one can diminish your worth.”
Sabrina Kirkland


our communities and our corporations about the travesty of human trafficking. 


for the services and resources victims need to take back control of their lives. 


future leaders to create real lasting change and impact on the fight to end human trafficking.


My Name Is M.E.

My Name is M.E. is an organization built around BELIEVING, VOICING, SUPPORTING, and EMPOWERING the voices of those who have been up until this point-voiceless.

We are certified by the United Abolitionist, and our goal is to educate, advocate and train communities, churches, businesses, and organizations that can play a critical role in identifying and helping someone experiencing human and/or sex trafficking that is impacting our communities every day.

It’s time to end the stain 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a $150 Billion dollar industry built on the backs of our brothers, sisters and children. It is not only an international problem, it is right here on our shores in our local communities.

Do you know the signs of human trafficking and how to protect yourself and your loved ones?


Real People Solving


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