Purchase your copy of My Private Space Ultimate Pack. Includes the following:

     >Hard Copy (signed by Author)

     >Soft Copy (signed by Author)

     >My Name is Me Journal

     >Bedtime Journal

     >My Private Space Coloring Book


A $60.00 value, yours for $44.95, plus tax... Free Shipping included.

My Private Space Ultimate Pack

SKU: 2016-UltPack
  • This book is about a little girl by the name of Mary Elizabeth (but you can call me ME). Mary Elizabeth and her mom moves into a pretty house with her new dad. But Mary Elizabeth’s daddy is not who he appears. Her new dad invades her personal space and touches her private place, a place that makes her feel uncomfortable. Daddy said this was their secret but Mommy said if anyone makes her feel uncomfortable to tell her. Now Mary Elizabeth is faced with a very important decision, should I tell or keep a secret?

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