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Corporate Trainings

Certified by the United Abolitionist, our training provides one of the most comprehensive courses available on the market today.

Who should take these classes?

✓Restaurant Owners
✓  Retail Store Staff
✓  Grocery and Convenience StoreTeams
✓  Medical Center sand Urgent Care Units
✓  EMT and urgent care teams
✓  Teachers andDaycare CenterTeams
✓  Homeless shelters and Assisted Living Care Teams
✓ Multicultural Centers and Church Teams
✓Insurance Field Agents

What will you learn?

✓  Human Trafficking 101
✓  HumanTrafficking in RuralCommunities
✓   Intersections of HumanTrafficking and Domestic        Violence
✓  Recognizing Human Trafficking VictimExperiences
✓  An Overview of Child Sex Trafficking
✓  Gang-Involved Sex Trafficking
✓  Human Trafficking and Traveling SalesCrews
✓  Human Trafficking in Agricultural Labor
✓  Human Trafficking in Domestic Servitude
✓  Human Trafficking andRunaway and Homeless Youth
✓  Human Trafficking Awareness for Educators
✓   Safe Harbor Laws: A SystemicApproach to Addressing Child Sex Trafficking

Get educated

Training Highlights

The key takeaways from all of our trainings.

Look for the Signs

Human Trafficking is often hiding in plain sight. Learn to spot the signs perpetrators use to communicate and who to inform to put an end to these atrocities.

Stay Safe

Who is at the greatest risk? Where are the greatest risk? What should you do if you or someone you love is targeted? How to you look out for signs of danger? Learn these and more to protect yourself, your loved ones and your communities.

Create Impact

Do you want to be a part of the change? Become a trainer and learn how to pass on this vital information.  We are growing our team of certified trainers because this information needs to be out there!

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